Paper wasp mushroom body
Paper wasp mushroom body

Paper wasp central complex
Paper wasp central complex

Paper wasp medulla
Paper wasp medulla

Paper wasp mushroom body
Paper wasp mushroom body


New Preprint!

Not all mosquitoes are alike! Read about different learning behaviors in 4 species and how dopamine may be related to these differences in our shiny new preprint on bioRxiv.

New ebook available, co-edited by yours truly

"Biogenic Amines and Neuromodulation of Behavior" is a collection of research articles and reviews from multidisciplinary laboratories studying the effects of neuromodulators like dopamine, serotonin, histamine, tyramine, and octopamine on neural circuitry in different animals, both vertebrate and invertebrate.

Our work on mosquito learning in the New York Times!

Don't miss the images of dopamine in a mosquito brain and my snazzy argyle manicure!

We're in the December issue of The Scientist Magazine

Check out some great quotes from Susan Farbach and Tom Cronin on our research.

MSN News continues media coverage on our mantis shrimp discovery!

Here's an interesting clip about our article. Wonder where they got the footage of mantis shrimp in a bowl!

Nature recently published an editorial on the necessity of studying "unusual creatures" . Looks like they took notice of our beautiful and unusual creatures and their brains!

I'm glad The Scientist magazine thinks mushroom bodies are as visually appealing as I do!

Our eLIFE article on Futurity!

Mushroom bodies are learning and memory structures well known in insect neurobiology. So what are they doing in a crustacean brain?!

Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems is Now Available

Read our primer on insect brains (Chapter 47) in Structure and Evolution of Invertebrate Nervous Systems published by Oxford University Press.

Talking About Bug Brains on NPR

I talked to AZPM's Mark McLemore about the evolutionary origins of animal learning and memory!

My thesis work featured in UA News

Raymond Sanchez from UA News interviews us about the subject of our Current Biology paper, "Genealogical correspondence of mushroom bodies across invertebrate Phyla."

Look whose microscopy is featured on the cover of "Arthropod Brains"!

Harvard University Press chose my image of a fluorescently labeled crayfish brain as the cover image for Nick Strausfeld's book, Arthropod Brains: Evolution, Functional Elegance, and Historical Significance. You can find more of my microscopy work within the chapters that compare neuroanatomy from insects and crustaceans, to centipedes and spiders, with discussions on brain evolution and the scientists who pioneered the field.

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